Benefits of Virgin Olive Oil in Olivella Soaps
Olivella soaps are created using all the active nutrients
found in virgin olive oil - vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
- in an all innovative elaboration method to preserve its
natural composition. Just very similar as to the method
used for olive oil or "liquid gold": the same healthy benefits
are true for Olivella soaps and creams made from olive oil.
So, the old intuition "olive oil = source of beauty" for our face
and body can be easily adopted under Olivella's all natural

All olive oil soaps are not created equally when it comes
to the overall benefits realized by the user. We will compare
the performance and benefits of Olivella Virgin Olive Oil bar
and liquid to any other olive oil and vegetable based soap
on the market.  Virgin Olive Oil is richer in nutrients
and natural fatty acids enhancing the benefits to the skin.  
Daily use of Olivella soap replenishes the moisture and
nutrients to the skin that are removed from cleansing with
regular soaps.

Olivella soap (sapone, jabon) provides high concentrations
of vitamins, essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants, by
preserving and concentrating the precious elements in
Virgin Olive Oil. This uniquely formulated natural bar soap
contains no animal fats, no harsh man-made chemicals,
no dyes, or color additives. Our Olivella soaps are cruelty
free - no animal testing and are certified Kosher.

Olivella soap is suitable for every age group and skin type
and gentle for a baby’s skin with regular daily use.  It is also
important to emphasize that the natural 100% Virgin Olive
Oil base does not leave any oily residue on the skin.

When it comes to natural healthy looking skin, consumers
are willing to pay to achieve results. Vegetable based bar
soaps made with as little as 10% olive oil available at retail
shops, through catalogs and online sites cost from $5.00 to
as high as $20.00 per bar. Olivella soaps offer premium
quality and value targeted at a majority of consumers.

Olivella, 100% Virgin Olive Oil Soap, provides the highest
quality at affordable competitive pricing.  Most users will
experience noticeably softer and smoother skin after the
first use.

Not all Olive Oil Soaps are created equal, OLIVELLA IS
All Natural Personal Skincare Line from Italy
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The One & Only 100% Virgin Olive Oil Concept
Olivella® is a premier line for personal
skin care made from
100% Virgin Olive Oil
- one of the world's most effective
ingredients for soothing the skin and
preserving its youthfulness. Olivella
Skincare products are made right where
the olives are grown, in the region of
Umbria, known as the "Green Heart of
Italy" !! Our mission is to be
The One &
Only 100% Virgin Olive Oil Concept.
Our formulas are derived from in-depth
research carried out by our laboratories.
All our oils are accurately and skillfully
selected and then analyzed in order to
guarantee maximum quality for our
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- Made with 100% Italian Virgin Olive Oil
- Hypoallergenic Products
- Dermatologically Tested
- Gentle, Pure and Natural
- Natural Anti-Aging Properties
- Natural Antioxidants
- Free of SLES
Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate
- Free of SLS Sodium Laureth Sulfate
- Paraben Free
- Free of Colorants
- No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Test
- Natural green color from Chlorophyll
- Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union
- Gluten Free
- Eco-Friendly
- Made in Italy    -    -    USA Tel. +1-561-372-8020
At Olivella, we are
particularly devoted and
fascinated by the
Tree, its fruit, leaves and of
course, its olive oil or
"Liquid Gold", both for its
benefits in the human diet
and dermatological

Olive Tree is a true gift
of nature! Olive Oil is the
base of the "Mediterranean
Diet", which is regarded to
be the exemplar of healthy
diet and longevity -- rich in
several vitamins such as
vitamin A, D, K and
especially E, acting as a
antioxidant, delays cell
aging and advances skin
The Power of the
Olive Tree

Nourish your skin
100% Virgin
Olive Oil

Skincare Line
from Italy
Authorized Reseller of
Olivella products.