Olivella Metal Soap Dish

Due to Olivella's soap all-natural properties, we
recommend using this soap dish. After using
Olivella bar soap, please place soap in soap
dish. Do Not leave soap in standing water.

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Olivella Metal Soap Dish
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All Natural Personal Skincare Line from Italy
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The One & Only 100% Virgin Olive Oil Concept
Olivella® is a premier line for personal
skin care made from
100% Virgin Olive Oil
- one of the world's most effective
ingredients for soothing the skin and
preserving its youthfulness. Olivella
Skincare products are made right where
the olives are grown, in the region of
Umbria, known as the "Green Heart of
Italy" !! Our mission is to be
The One &
Only 100% Virgin Olive Oil Concept.
Our formulas are derived from in-depth
research carried out by our laboratories.
All our oils are accurately and skillfully
selected and then analyzed in order to
guarantee maximum quality for our
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- Made with 100% Italian Virgin Olive Oil
- Hypoallergenic Products
- Dermatologically Tested
- Gentle, Pure and Natural
- Natural Anti-Aging Properties
- Natural Antioxidants
- Free of SLES
Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate
- Free of SLS Sodium Laureth Sulfate
- Paraben Free
- Free of Colorants
- No Animal Ingredients, No Animal Test
- Natural green color from Chlorophyll
- Certified Kosher by Orthodox Union
- Gluten Free
- Eco-Friendly
- Made in Italy
OlivellaUSA.com    -    Sales@OlivellaUSA.com    -    USA Tel. +1-561-372-8020
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